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Ramen  From Scratch

About your class

All inclusive meal, instruction, and  one complementary beverage pairing


Minimum class size is 5 maximum size is 30. Groups over 12 will require 30% gratuity. Groups 18 or more will have a venue fee added.


Please Call 971-350-8291 to check availability.

Ramen is more than just what you can get in the asian section of the grocery store. It take patience to make the broth , strength to make the noodles, and focus to make the toppings. Are you ready? In this class you wil not only learn how to balance those flavors but also learn knife skills which are important in kitchen. This is a hands on class so please be prepared to stand for short periods of time, wear close toed shoes, and open minds. This class can be made Vegetarian if needed. Please inform us on what kind of alergies you have in advance to insure a safe cooking experience.

Main: Chicken Miso Ramen
Side: Coconut Mochi
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