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Job Readiness Training

The FED program is a food empowerment initiative delivered by Feed The Mass. Our objective is to combat food insecurity at its source and nourish bodies and spirits in our community by serving healthy, satisfying, and delicious meals to our neighbors in need.

What we also value is opportunity to train youth and young adults to have the skills to work in the industry. We believe with our training you will have the skills need to demonstrate compentancey in any kitchen. We will empower you with free education on the following concepts;
  • Knife skills
  • Sanitation
  • Food preparation
  • Proper us of the kitchen equipment
  • Professionalism and trainability
  • Recipe Literacy
  • Real world experience and pressure testing. ​

Commitment to the program is 10 weeks at 12 hours per a week. Mondays are classroom days for 2 hours and the rest of week is flexible to your schedules. At the end of the 10 week Cohort you will have a certificate and Food handlers cards to get you ready for your journey in working in the culinary industry. 

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We at Feed the Mass, does not guarantee employment to any location or to the organization itself. you volunteer your time at your own risk and is not held liable for any injuries that may happen in the process of schooling. 
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