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Job Readiness Training

The FED program, a food empowerment initiative by Feed The Mass, offers valuable hands-on experience and training to individuals seeking to enter the culinary industry. Our mission is to combat food insecurity while providing opportunities for skill development and real-world experience.

We prioritize training youth and young adults, equipping them with essential skills needed to thrive in any kitchen environment. Through our program, participants will gain proficiency in:

  • Knife skills

  • Sanitation practices

  • Food preparation techniques

  • Proper use of kitchen equipment

  • Professionalism and adaptability

  • Recipe literacy

  • Real-world experience and pressure testing

Program Details:

  • Volunteer Commitment: Complete 30 days of volunteering within a 6-month period

  • Structure: Volunteers can choose flexible scheduling options based on their availability

  • Certification: Upon completing the volunteer commitment, participants will receive a Feed the Mass certificate recognizing their dedication and contribution to our mission.

Our program emphasizes practical, hands-on learning and provides participants with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the culinary industry. Join us in making a difference in our community while gaining valuable experience for your future career.

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We at Feed the Mass, does not guarantee employment to any location or to the organization itself. you volunteer your time at your own risk and is not held liable for any injuries that may happen in the process of schooling. 
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