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Feed the Mass has a mission to empower people through food. As the highest governing body of the organization, the board has certain responsibilities to fulfill its fiduciary duties, including:
• Defining the mission and goals of the organization.
• Choosing and assessing the performance of the executive director.
• Developing strategic plans and organizational structure.
• Ensuring strong financial management and oversight.
• Raising funds and resources.
• Approving and monitoring Feed the Mass programs and services.
• Enhancing the organization's public image.
• Evaluating its performance as the governing body of Feed the Mass.

As a member, it is important to:
• Understand the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs.
• Read and comprehend the organization’s financial statements.
• Actively promote and support the organization's objectives, and contribute to securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for Feed the Mass to advance its mission.
• Use personal connections, networks, and resources to collectively work towards achieving Feed the Mass's mission.
• Make a meaningful financial donation or help raise funds.
• Help identify personal connections that can benefit the organization’s fundraising and reputational standing and can influence public policy.
• Attend and participate in monthly board meetings and committee meetings.
Being a part of our team has its benefits, including:
• Career experience and connections to local businesses.
• Five free cooking classes every month.
• Possible career placement with the organization.
• Hands-on training with business, nonprofit, cooking, and nutrition education.
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