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Feed the Mass has a mission to empower people through food, and our board serves as the guiding force behind this noble endeavor. As the organization's highest governing body, our board members have a vital role to play in fulfilling their fiduciary duties, which include:

  • Defining the Mission and Goals: Our board is responsible for setting and aligning the organization's mission and objectives, ensuring that they remain focused on our core purpose.

  • Choosing and Assessing the Executive Director: We play a key role in selecting and evaluating the performance of the executive director, who leads our day-to-day operations.

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Structure: The board takes part in developing strategic plans and shaping the organizational structure, ensuring our long-term viability and effectiveness.

  • Financial Management and Oversight: They maintain strong financial oversight, guaranteeing the responsible management of our resources to further our mission.

  • Fundraising and Resource Allocation: Our board actively participates in fundraising efforts and ensures the responsible allocation of resources to support our programs and services.

  • Program Approval: We approve Feed the Mass programs and services, ensuring they align with our mission and provide maximum benefit to the community.

  • Enhancing Public Image: We work collectively to enhance our organization's public image and reputation, creating greater awareness and support for our mission.

  • Performance Evaluation: The board regularly evaluates its own performance as the governing body of Feed the Mass, striving for continuous improvement and excellence.

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