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Empowering Through Knowledge

At Feed the Mass, we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool for empowerment. While temporarily pausing our public education classes until 2024, we remain committed to educating and empowering our community. Our education program has been a cornerstone of our efforts to combat food insecurity and promote wellness.

Portland's Culinary Haven:

Portland is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, with food carts, farmers' markets, and award-winning restaurants at every corner. Yet, despite this culinary richness, many individuals and families in our city face the daily challenge of putting nutritious meals on the table due to systemic injustices and inequality.


Empowering Through Education:

Feed the Mass (FTM) has partnered with community organizations to offer wellness classes to students during the school year and summer breaks to address these disparities. We've also extended our educational reach through free digital education on YouTube. Our ultimate goal is to empower our students and neighbors to feed and care for themselves by equipping them with the skills they need to cook simple yet nutritious meals and incorporate wellness practices into their daily lives.


A Holistic Approach to Learning

Our education program covers diverse topics to provide a comprehensive set of skills to our students and community. These topics include:

  • Cooking and Nutrition: Building competency in creating dishes that provide a balanced blend of essential nutrients.

  • Urban Agriculture: Fostering an understanding of where our food comes from and how to access healthier foods.

  • Financial Literacy: Teaching the basics of budgeting and financial planning.

  • Business Basics: Empowering students to plan and grow their ideas into a more prosperous future.

  • Fitness and Wellness: Providing a holistic approach to overall health and well-being.

In-Person Workshops

Feed the Mass offers hands-on experiences for adults and families through our in-person workshops led by expert instructors. Each workshop is thoughtfully designed to highlight a specific topic, skill, or cuisine while emphasizing its significance.


Service Learning

The Feed the Mass (FTM) Service Learning program is designed to provide participants with hands-on kitchen experience, enabling them to nourish themselves and their communities better. During this program, individuals and organizations receive training on creating services within their communities, organizations, schools, or churches that act as food hubs, providing access to healthy food and balanced meals for those in need.

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While our public education classes are temporarily paused until 2024, we remain committed to empowering, educating, and serving our community.

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Feed the Mass

Feed the Mass

Feed the Mass
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Session 1 ~ Let's Get Real ~ Mental Health

Session 1 ~ Let's Get Real ~ Mental Health

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Mental Health Anger Management - Hip Hop

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