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FED Catering

FED Catering is all about providing high-quality meals to the customers, which in turn helps the community. For every order purchased a minimum of 38 meals got back into the community. Be FED by our team at your next event.


What is FED Catering?

FED Catering is a subprogram of the FED program that helps generates funding for the work we do for the community.

How does it help the Community?

The FED Catering helps the community by taking the proceeds and giving back to those in need. It also helps create sustainable jobs for our employees and the creation of new jobs ing the future.

Do you deliver?

We do Deliver, we ask to give us a 30-minute window to deliver to ensure ample time to park and get to you. 


What if you have Dietary Restrictions?

We understand all dietary restrictions and we do our best to accomdate or modify our menu to best of our ability.

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