Feed The Mass and Building Blocks 2 Success have teamed up to deliver our Science of Life program to students and their families through the Portland Public School Summer Enrichment, Engagement, and Safety Program. This collaboration brings a combination of science-based life skills education and practical real-world STEM-based science education. 

Disclaimer: This Program is limited only to students in Middle School or High School students in the PPS School District. 

The program is designed to provide quality learning experiences that engage students in the collaborative process of learning new skills together and exploring their individual interests and abilities. Workshops encourage organic learning experiences, introducing approachable opportunities for problem-solving, critical reflection, and creative adaptability that will translate as skills into other areas of everyday life. Classes are specifically designed to support a variety of learning styles through a relaxed yet adventurous environment that involves all five senses and helps each participant find a helping role. 


By making learning fun, active, and tangibly rewarding, we hope to engage and support kids who may be struggling in a standard school setting and empower them to take this confidence back into the classroom. Students will be guided to reflect on their increased level of confidence and self-efficacy as they gain new knowledge and skills. Equipping students with the skills to contribute tangibly to their own and others’ wellbeing promotes positive identity formation, pride in their accomplishments, and empowerment as active, productive members of their community. 


Feed The Mass brings a holistic, multi-disciplinary education initiative in support of long-term solutions to food insecurity and wellness-based health inequity. Each discipline focuses on a discrete element of health competency, which builds on and integrates with the components of the other disciplines to create a spectrum of empowerment. Programming seeks to equip students and their families with a holistic set of ideas and behaviors by strengthening their knowledge and skills at each of several key functional root causes of suboptimal health. We’ve focused on some of the most common causes of health inequity, and will educate and support students in each practice. Our featured disciplines include food education (nutrition, cooking, and urban agriculture), fitness education with an emphasis on low impact movement, financial literacy, and mental wellness with an emphasis on overcoming and healing from social inequity. 


Building Blocks 2 Success brings a STEM-focused robotics program that teaches a fundamental set of skills that promote lifelong science learning through hands-on STEM-based activities. Classes develop and support critical thinking, problem solving, and teambuilding skills through a series of fun and educational challenges that require students to apply math and science concepts to the exciting world of robot building and programming. We strive to enhance personal and academic success by using STEM as a motivational tool to advance educational and intellectual achievement. Our programming provides connections to local science leaders and bridges to post-secondary opportunities in the STEM field. 


How long is the Program?

The program will run for 6 weeks; June 21st-July 29th.


Where will in-person classes take place?

In-person classes will be held at Faubion School; 

The school address is 2930 NE Dekum St. Portland OR, 97211.

What time are the classes?

Classes are from 9 am- 12 pm or 1 pm-3 pm. 


How many children in the class?

Each class will have a maximum of 20 Students in person and unlimited Students online.

*Students will work in groups of up to 4 to create each dish.*


How many classes are there?

We have 5 classes total for each week, unless a holiday.


What if my child has a food allergy or dietary restriction?

We will accommodate most dietary restrictions - please specify when registering.


What is the dress code at in-person classes?

Students must wear closed-toed shoes, long hair must be tied back or under a hat, avoid wearing loose long sleeve shirts


Do I have to do One week of classes or all Six weeks?

We would love you sign up for the whole Six weeks of camps but if you can only make it to limited amount of classes we understand. We do ask if you are not going to show up for the class to let us know to ensure others can participate. Spaces are limited and we ask that everyone commits that if they sign up for a week, to show up for that week. 

What are the COVID protocols?

  • All staff will be vaccinated and boosted during the program.

  • *For health protocols, Students attending in-person classes must register for a one-time slot only. 

  • Everyone will go through a health screening before each class. 

  • Students will work in teams of four.

  • Workstations will be sanitized before and after each class.

  • PPE will be available at check-in.

  • Current CDC, state & local protocols will be followed. 

  • More information will be provided upon registration.

Rules for parents

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes early before class.

  2. Please pick up your child(ren) on time.

  3. Please alert Program staff prior to any alternate pick-up plans.

  4. Covid is still present so we ask if for any reason your children do not feel well, do not let them come to the class.

  5. Bullying, fighting, bad language, racial slurs, putting self or others in danger, or blatant defiance of Program rules will not be tolerated.

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