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It started with one journey. Jacobsen Valentine, Feed the Mass founder, turned 31 and got a wake-up call. As an advocate of healthy eating, teaching how to cook balanced and creative meals, he realized he was not applying his own advice to his life. On July 1st, 2019, he officially embarked on a six-month journey to wellness. He documents, shares and tries his best to be honest about everything, the wins, and the disappointments. 


Jacobsen’s project inspired Feed the Mass to turn a personal journey into a shared program: My Journey Too. With Jacobsen’s journey, we will be learning and gathering information to better support anyone on a journey to wellness. In 2020, My Journey Too will become a wellness campaign for the community of Portland, Oregon. The program will focus on giving people access to tools, organizations, addresses, and names of professionals that are affordable or free and come from diverse backgrounds to support them in their journey. 


Wellness is achievable but no one can do it alone. We believe that the support of the community is crucial.

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