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Home economics education is disappearing at an alarming rate.


WHY: Schools are getting rid of these classes due to budget restraints, on top of that schools that do have a home economics classes do not make it mandatory.


SOLUTION: We teach affordable classes that are focused on budgeting, nutrition, shopping, and cooking.

Over 50% of both parents work full time jobs and children are left to rely on learning life skills on their own.


WHY: The cost of living has gone up faster than wages, and for a lot of people that is the only way to afford a place to live, transportation, and food.
SOLUTION: We offer little to no cost classes for children and their families every weekend. This gives them time together to talk, learn, and create quality time as a family.
When it comes to health, people forgot what it means to have a balance in our diet. Heart disease is the #1 killer in all of America and it is because of what you eat!
WHY: 66% of people’s diets are being fed to them by another person. Either from a restaurant, vending machine, fast food, or convenience store. Most have one thing in common: they are not looking out for your health. It’s loaded with preservatives, “bad” fats, salt, or sugar.


SOLUTION: Our classes focus on using real ingredients and thought to make everything from scratch. This means you know everything that goes into your dish, and that ensures the best quality and nutritional sense for you and your family.
There are almost 200 people moving to Portland per day and we are lacking in a sense of community.


WHY: With so many people moving to Oregon for jobs, relocation, or affordable living, for most there is no sense of community to be apart of. 

SOLUTION: We give access for people to be a part of the community of people that wants to cook, eat, commune, and grow together.

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