About our classes

On April 1st, 2019 all our regular class price will increase to $45.


Feed the Mass is a non-profit whose goal is to Empower through food, and we want to empower everyone. We understand that some of you may not be able to pay this amount for a class, and some of you can. Knowing that we’ve decided to create a sliding scale so that those who can pay will support those who can’t. This is a community supporting community.


How does that work?


Let’s focus on what you get in a $45 class:

  • You learn how to cook something new guided by a professional chef. Ask as many questions as you’d like - we love chatty students!

  • You eat a meal you cooked from scratch, with raw ingredients, at the end of the class.

  • You spend time, chat, laugh with your community - maybe even make new friends!

  • You support your community - for each dollar spent on a class, 50 cents go towards funding our scholarships and brings someone in need in the kitchen.


Introducing new rates for students and seniors:

  • If you are a student (high school or college with proof of status) your class is $25. We remember our students years and we know the budget can be tight. We still want you to enjoy a cooking class: cooking skills are a need, not a luxury.

  • If you are a senior citizen (55 and wiser) your class costs $35. We get a lot of senior citizen taking our classes. Learning is important at every age and we want to support that.


Our scholarship program:

It has been around for a few months, and we’ve decided to improve it.

Up to now, when you filled in the online questionnaire and checked our criteria, you would get one free class. From now on, you’ll be given the choice to (1) get a free class, or (2) be a part of our 4 free classes educational program.


To get in our Educational program you need to:

  • Submit a short text explaining why you would benefit from these classes and set a goal for yourself (200 to 500 words)

  • You will agree to take the 4 classes within 3 months

  • One of the classes will have to be a knife skill class (there is always one per month)

  • Once you’ve completed your 4 classes educational program, you’ll submit a short text telling us if you’ve reached your goal and what you’ve learned (200 to 500 words)

  • On your fourth and last class, you get to bring a friend or someone from your family, to class with you.

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